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mcv 02-11-2009 05:57 PM

little guide on cflyff
this guide is to help you know more about cflyff, and to guide you on how to play on cflyff (the language barrier is huge, so you had better find a friend with you to play if you want to play longer)
its just some general infos

◆how to see the chinese characters instead of mess codes(thx to Younha, untested, should work)

◆how to draw a chinese charcter

we all know that flyff is developed by aeonsoft, and most of the flyffs in the world have almost the same contents

theres one flyff however, is totally different from other flyffs. its cflyff(Chinese flyff)
cflyff is run by netease(aka 163), it has lots of our familiar models and also many customized materials, and this is because, unlike the other company, netease select to develop its own game basing on the origin game

some of you may already see the pics of cflyff, and know that it has some pretty or cool things that other flyffs dont have, but from this guide, you will know that its totally different a game, not just the graghic, but also the entire game itself


there are also many useful threads in the forum

another useful sites, there are some more detailed info here:

1.big world, new models, more SFXs(better graphics)

2.hell a lot of quests/events/social things pilot system, search system, notifications(easy to play)
4.more balanced pk system
5.better air combat(the developer promised there will be guild air combat)

1.language problem
2.not the same as eflyff, lol
3.very time consuming if you want to be great, few of you want to pay for it, right?

First of all, you should install chinese language
control panel - regional and language options - language - install files for east asian languages, you might need a winxp cd to finish the installation

[PC requirement]
cflyff requires a little higher than eflyff
[DLing the client]
the dl page:
direct dl url: (lastest url for Oct 1,2009)

i recommend you to use a DL software(like flashget,thunder) to dl it
run the shortcut, or FFLauncher.exe in your game folder, and the patcher will run



[Creating a char]

the official info, check here:
as you can see, all jobs can aoe in cflyff
ps. google translation is messy..but you can get the idea..

knight(骑士): high hp/physical def, constant dmg, you can use dual swords or sword+shield or big sword

blade(战士): weak @ low lvl, higher is better, dual axes or axe+shield or big axe

bp(祭司): depending on the skills, bump either str or int

rm(牧师):quite independent in cflyff, it can fight pretty well with magical spells, and has a good magical defence

elem(法师):high magical atk/def, suck at hp/physical def

psy(巫师):constant damage, needs a good control

ranger(弓手):high aspd, good at making traps, low hp, needs a good control

jester(刺客):donno if its good or not

theres no asal in cflyff, but the elementor has a skill to be invincible for few seconds

there five stats in cflyff
str/sta/dex/int/mental point

dex has nothing to do with aspd, all aspd is set for each job, but you can raise aspd by the eqs
mental point(精): gives you more mp and little magical critical rate

their effect for each job


the game cancelled the element system, instead, each of eight jobs has its own attack "element"

google translation pls

in fact, with the buttons T L R, patience and curosity, you can survive
the other thing is the blue flashing icons above the F-bar, by clicking them, you can do the right acts

金币-cs coins
[Quests & Events]
check the official site, the 任务活动 on the navigator bar
Oct 23, 2009
some changes
[Socialing system]

there is a special flying machine for lovers only



there are 3 kindoms now, each has one king
the king is very powerful, and he can set the manufacturing formula in his country, it can be cheaper than the manufacturing npc in the 2nd city
[Flying equipment]
(there is a gallery of all the flying machines)
[how to get]

[flying needs energe..]

[Online welfare]
gifts every 15min/1hour/3hours

exp every 10min, the more online players in your chat list, the more exp you get

free 4x exp(exclude the quests)
R-go to 地方官
with the exp scroll sold in cs-shop, you can get up to 9x exp at the same time, you may stop the timing at the related window


[Soul chain]
[Upgrading with cards]
中文Englisheffect per +(up to +10)
光卡light cardphysical/magical critical rate+0.5%
土卡earth cardHP+0.5%
暗卡dark cardapsd+0.5%
水卡water cardluck+0.5%(luck on droppings)
火卡fire cardphysical/magical attack+0.5%
风卡wind cardmove+0.5%

you need a lot of cards to do the upgrade
R-find monster

you can lock items(you can set not to auto lock)

if you log on a different ip, you cant trade for a while

if you accidently sold the wrong thing, you can drag it back b4 you log off

like i said before, you had better find someone who knows chinese or at least has interests in this game, or it will be a pain
not every chinese knows english, and im not sure if a foreigner is welcomed either, all depends on luck

but theres one thing i must tell

be aware
出售 means to sell
收购 means to buy
dont make a mistake here

you can snap and paste the scene that you cant understand here

·wdf viewer
something likes flyff resource manager
but it can only steal/change the resource of the game(its not banned in cflyff official forum)

melloni 02-12-2009 12:15 AM

Since this is the eFlyff forums, I think this guide is kind of... useless. Considering that most of the people who play eFlyff live in Europe or America, if they tried to play this game probably their IP addresses would be blocked, just like Asian IPs are blocked on eFlyff.
And anyway, there's no general 'how to play this game' guide here for eFlyff, simply because, well, why do you need one? You learn how to play a game by actually playing it.
You might have a 'language barrier' section coming up, but you can't teach people the entirety of the Chinese language in one page of a guide. I get so annoyed by people who've joined eFlyff but can't speak a word of the language, so I don't see why English-speaking people who can't speak Chinese should go and lag up their servers. Language barriers just make differences, and spoil the community this game's about.

It might be a bit different, obviously, but that's because it's managed by a different company. You can't, however, say it's an entirely different game.
This is basically just an advertisment to go play cFlyff. Phail... ._.

I might take you more seriously, however, if you made an effort to write in full English, not chatspeak. I can't actually understand what you're talking about in the second and fourth pages, not because your English is bad but because I don't speak PL0Xian. Chatspeak hurts my eyes. x_x

ItsNotRudy 02-12-2009 12:23 AM

Flyff World is not bound to eFlyff melloni, many frequent visitors are from the German/Fili/Korean/French Flyffs, they are even recorded in the recordbook along with eFlyff stuff.

melloni 02-12-2009 12:32 AM

Really? Lawl, I thought they banned players who had access to their own language Flyffs. I'm sure I saw a notice aaages ago on Asian IPs being banned.
I stand corrected. ^^

(Maybe I put too much faith in Gala-net upholding their rules. c_c; )

mcv 02-12-2009 03:56 AM

i think melloni is right, the one who wants to play it will discover things by themselves
also this thread is way harder than my expectation, and im asking a mod to delete it

if u have any related question, feel free to pm me

melloni 02-12-2009 05:59 AM

You make me feel bad for critisising your guide. D: I'm sowwy!

Guides are hard, I agree. Uu; It's not that this guide is bad in principle, just that on an eFlyff forum it's somewhat irrelevant.

The cFlyff game design is so much flashier than the eFlyff one. ._.

guorbatschow 02-12-2009 06:04 AM

Not sure if there is still that feature. I only played a few days of beta. But maybe you should mention the thing with broom fuel? It kinda ruins the game if you end up somewhere without fuel. And auto pilot is pretty nice too.

pojan 02-12-2009 06:14 AM

No asal in cflyff :kiss:

Thats why cflyff is so peacefull :ridicule:

MythicLegend 02-13-2009 01:24 PM

Dont ask a mod to delete the guide! I have been dying to try cflyff, but could never figure out how. This guide is a AMAZING tool to use to help me try it. Thank You!!!


ItsNotRudy 02-13-2009 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by MythicLegend (Post 1773031)
Dont ask a mod to delete the guide! I have been dying to try cflyff, but could never figure out how. This guide is a AMAZING tool to use to help me try it. Thank You!!!


I agree, leave this up I say!

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