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About Us was Established On October 25th 2005. It has been over a year since the site was launch. We are now on our 3rd version. Our forum community is going strong with 12000 plus member signs up, 18000 plus threads, and 200000 plus posts. With an average of 3000 plus visitors per day, is the largest FlyFF fansite there is.

As a fansite we have a drive to be perfect. To be the best, and the most informative. We want to bring information that is accurate and updated. That is our goal to be the best of the best.

When FlyFF suddenly demanded a more informational website, it took the hearts of many great contribitors to help create guides which thousands of visitors would use. Through a few short months it grew so fast that we upgraded our servers and started on an updated version 2.0 with some new information. As the game grew though we needed to upgrade once more with new information that our past version 2.0 didn't have. version 3 was built with the idea of something new fresh and complete. After many months of hard work, we were able to make flyffworld version 3 what you see today. The goal is not to be a set and finish project but instead, to continue to build upon what was created to make even better. is an entity that many have put their hearts into in the hopes of supporting and providing help to anyone that needs it. is the ultimate flyff fansite in the world!

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